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Pooler Intro


Pooler is the component of a fully functional, distributed system that works alongside Audit Protocol and together they are responsible for

  • generating a time series database of changes occuring over smart contract state data and event logs, that live on decentralized storage protocols
  • higher order aggregated information calculated over decentralized indexes maintained atop the database mentioned above

Pooler by itself, performs the following functions:

  1. Tracks the blockchain on which the data source smart contract lives
  2. In equally spaced 'epochs'
    • it snapshots raw smart contract state variables, event logs etc
    • transforms the same
    • and submits these snapshots to audit-protocol

Pooler workflow

This specific implementation is called Pooler since it tracks Uniswap v2 'pools'.

Together with an Audit Protocol instance, they form a recently released PoC whose objectives were

  • to present a fully functional, distributed system comprised of lightweight services that can be deployed over multiple instances on a network or even on a single instance
  • to be able to serve most frequently sought data points on Uniswap v2
    • Total Value Locked (TVL)
    • Trade Volume, token reserves, Fees earned
      • grouped by
        • Pair contracts
        • Individual tokens participating in pair contract
      • aggregated over time periods
        • 24 hours
        • 7 days
    • Transactions containing Swap , Mint , Burn events

You can read more about Audit Protocol, the Uniswap v2 PoC and its functional architecture in the Powerloom Protocol Overview document